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Adobe Flash Player will be at End of Life as of December 31, 2020.   Within BigFix, Adobe Flash Player is used for the display of some Dashboards and Wizards in the BigFix Console and in BigFix Web Reports.

As part of the continuous improvement and modernization of BigFix, changes will be made to address the End Of Life of Flash.

BigFix intends to remove the dependency on Flash Player or mitigate its presence before the End of Life date to ensure business continuity and guarantee appropriate attention to our BigFix security within customer environments.

The timeline for removal of the Flash elements will vary by module and component.  A monthly update will be provided on the status and progress of the Flash replacement plan via this communication channel.  When upgrades are required to remove Flash content, they will be specified within the updated removal plans. More information will also be provided on upgrade paths and deprecated/unsupported components.

NOTE: BigFix does not embed or distribute Flash Player. If Flash Player is disabled or uninstalled from computers running BigFix Console or BigFix Web Reports, Flash-dependent features in these tools will stop working until the replacement or mitigation is completed.

The following BigFix components contain Flash elements:

  *   BES Support (Console content)
  *   BES Inventory and License (Console content)
  *   OS Deployment (Console content)
  *   Software Distribution (Console content)
  *   Virtual Endpoint Manager / Patches for ESXi (Console content)
  *   Power Management (Console and  Web Reports content)
  *   Remote Control (Console and  Web Reports content)
  *   Patch (Console content)
  *   Security Configuration Manager (Console and  Web Reports content)
  *   Client Manager for Endpoint Protection (Console content)

The following BigFix components are free of Flash content at their latest versions:

  *   BigFix Platform components (exclusive of specified content sites)

  *   BigFix Web Reports (exclusive  of specific reports distributed via content sites)

  *   WebUI
  *   Server Automation
  *   Self-Service Application
  *   Inventory
  *   Compliance Analytics

The BigFix replacement plan is as follows:

  *   Module or component will deliver incremental content updates as soon as they are available, ensuring an upgrade process as seamless as possible.
  *   Due to the nature of the content updates, customers running air-gapped deployments will have to plan on applying the site updates when available.

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