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Wed Aug 12 10:52:24 PDT 2020

Content in the Power Management site has been modified.

Reasons for Update:

Support BigFix v10 platform version
Mac OS currency
Remove unsupported tool dependency (Perl Dev Kit)

Defect articles:
    KB0076367 : WAKE ON LAN MEDIC username and password
    KB0068956: Mismatch between the values of "Device Type" Property and _BESClient_ComputerType setting

Published site version:

Power Management, version 70

Published component versions:

Power Management WoLMedicBundle, version 3.0.0
Power Management BESAggregatePowerData, version 3.0.0

Actions to Take:

Gathering of the site and installation of the new WoLMedic and DataAggregator modules will get the updates installed.

BigFix Power Management Documentation:

The BigFix Power Management team.
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