[BESAdmin-Announcements] SCM: Update to SCM Reporting site to include support for SCAP 1.2 data stream

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Tue Nov 4 01:41:14 PST 2014

IBM Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance

Security Configuration Management (SCM)

IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) for Configuration Management is pleased to
announce the support for SCAP 1.2 data stream and has updated the content
in the following site.

Published site details:
 SCM Reporting = v78

   The Security and Management team provides the following command line
   tools to help you ensure that systems are compliant with security
   parameters and policies:
      ·	SCAP 1.2 Import tool (scap2.exe)
         For processing SCAP-expressed data stream into Fixlet messages
         that represent the SCAP policy rules.
      ·	SCAP 1.2 Report tool (scap_results.exe)
         For generating an Asset Reporting Format (ARF) output report.

   These tools, certified by NIST as SCAP 1.2 compliant, meet Federal
   requirements to support the automated content generation of commonly
   accepted security configurations,  the scanning and assessment of
   endpoint systems, and reporting of compliance results.  These tools
   support checklists that are designed for the Windows platform only.

Actions to Take:
   If you are planning on using SCAP 1.2 content, follow the instructions
   described in the SCAP 1.2 wiki page:

*Site versions provided for air-gap customers.

We hope you find this latest release of SCM content useful and effective.
Thank you!

  -- The IBM Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance
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