[BESAdmin-Announcements] IBM Endpoint Manager Platform 9.1.1065 now available

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Mon Mar 17 22:03:25 PDT 2014

IBM is pleased to announce version 9.1 of the IBM Endpoint Manager

This is a major version upgrade that is available to all IBM Endpoint
Manager customers at no charge. The 9.1 release is focused on security,
specifically upgrading our signature digest algorithm from SHA-1 to SHA-256
[1] and our HTTPS protocol to TLS 1.2 [2]. We refer to this feature as
Enhanced Security. Enhanced Security can be enabled in the Admin Tool, but
doing so will prevent any agents or relays with versions earlier than 9.1
from connecting to the deployment.

Because the new security features of the 9.1 release require re-signing
objects in the database at upgrade time, we recommend performing a manual
server upgrade (see instructions in the link below).

- Full 9.1 technical changelist:
- 9.1 known issues list:
- Manual upgrade instructions:

Published Site Versions:
BES Support v.1154

[1] SHA-256 is a newer and stronger version of the SHA-1 algorithm. It is
used in the process of signing and authenticating digital messages and
certificates. It is not currently necessary to migrate from SHA-1 to
SHA-256, but we felt that it was important to add this functionality now so
that our customers can enable it when necessary.

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_Layer_Security#TLS_1.2

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