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IBM is pleased to announce the new version update for the Software Use Analysis application. This is the first milestone of the IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis 2012-2013 roadmap aimed to expand the management domain capabilities, increase enablement of more software license metrics and be ready to support ISO standards in product and application software tagging discovery and reporting.
Our aim is to provide our clients a software asset discovery and reporting solution that would enable them implementing a proper software asset management process to optimize software spending, effectively manage software compliance in regard to Vendors' audits, to comply with Country and/or Market Regulations.

Actions required to install Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis: 

1. In Tivoli Endpoint Manager Console go to "Bigfix Management" >> "License Overview" and enable "IBM Software Inventory" site 
2. Go to "Systems Lifecycle" >> "IBM Software Inventory" >> "Server Setup"  and run "Software Use Analytics" wizard. 
3. Follow the steps in "Software Use Analytics" wizard

Reason for Update: 

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis 2.0 has been extended on the management domain capabilities and now provides:
- an extended unified software identification catalog for all IBM products and most important software publisher vendors across OSes.
- the capability to discover and properly recognize IBM and Vendor products across OSes
- the capability to collect software scan and usage data across OSes (IBM sub-capacity not provided yet)

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis 2.0 reporting capabilities are now based on Tivoli Endpoint Management Analytics:
- Role based Web User Interface flexible portal (View Configuration and Filtering)
- Resource Views and Management domain rights by computer Groups
- Scheduling of report distribution via e-mail
- Analytics exploration and reporting of data with improved user experience and advanced searching criteria
- Table view aggregation of Scan and RAW usage data for easy navigation and filtering
- Data export into CSV and PDF format on all Views and Reports for expanded consumabilty
- Multi publisher/product/version/release contract defintion and contract usage reporting
- Performance improvements for data processing and catalog updates

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis 2.0 now provides advanced management capabilities for Software Catalog:
- complex software signatures definitions are now allowed
- differentiation between software identification and software usage signatures is now allowed
- software catalog updates via fixlets notification and process.
- Conflicts management process for software catalog update

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manger for Software Use Analysis team. 

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