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Tue Apr 26 10:24:48 PDT 2011

A new site has been published to all customers entitled to patch content. 
This site will not activate by default and should have no affect if it is 
not activated.
New Capabilities: 
1) The patching domain spec has changed. Where it used to have a grid of 
recent and new patch content, there is now a dashboard of current patch 
status that goes across all patch sites. This dashboard can be used to 
view any single patch site as well. There are also two nodes below this 
for New and Modified content, so that functionality is not lost. These 
nodes are now able to use quick search for content, which is not possible 
in the older grid view. 

2) The site also includes a Corrupt Patch Deployment Wizard. This was 
originally built for a customer and it simply creates copies of the corrupt 
fixlets with the reboot required statements removed. This is useful for 
putting them into baselines. Customers may select Fixlets or Baselines, or 
may paste in a listing.

Reason for Change: 
The new Patching Support site is being added so that we can stop 
overloading the "Patches for Windows (English)" site with all of the 
wizards, dashboards, and tools that surround patch content. In the future, 
those components should be shifted into Patching Support.

Published site version: 

Patching Support, version 2

Actions to Take:
1) An administrator must log into BES Admin to propogate a new masthead 
with the updated license.
2) An administrator must enable the Patching Support site in the BigFix 
License Overview dashboard.

Jack Coates, Product Manager
Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Lifecycle Management
d: 510-740-0228, c: 510-610-0715, m: jcoates at us.ibm.com
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