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Mon Nov 16 11:08:39 PST 2009

BigFix has modified two sets of content in the BES Support site:

1. The following Fixlet messages have been modified to support Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7:

ID: 456	Missing Office Web Components - BES Console - OWC 2003
ID: 518	Windows Firewall is Blocking BES Traffic - Windows Vista / Windows 2008 / Windows 7 / Windows 2008R2 - BES Client >= 7.0

2. Due to other confirmed versions of incompatible Office Web Components, the following Fixlet message has been modified to apply to all versions of OWC below the deployed version:

ID: 533	Office Web Components Should Be Updated - BES Console - OWC 2003 - Windows Vista/2008/Win7

BES Support published version: 612

BES administrators are encouraged to verify open actions and synchronize baselines that contain the modified content.  Instructions for synchronizing baselines can be found here: http://support.bigfix.com/cgi-bin/kbdirect.pl?id=401.  Please contact BigFix Technical Support if you have any questions regarding this change.

BigFix Application Engineering Team

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