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Thu Feb 15 11:57:48 PST 2007

On February 14th, Microsoft updated two of the three KB931836 cumulative
DST updates without renaming the updates or changing the download link.
The original version of the corresponding Fixlet messages would not be
able to download the updates because of the size and sha1 mismatch.
BigFix has revised the content to deploy the updated patches.  The
"CORRUPT PATCH" Fixlet messages will appear relevant on computers that
have installed the original version of the updates.


Affected Fixlet messages:

93183603: "931836: Feb. 2007 Time Zone Update - Windows Server 2003"

93183604: "931836: CORRUPT PATCH - Windows Server 2003"

93183605: "931836: Feb. 2007 Time Zone Update - Windows XP/2003 (x64)"

93183606: "931836: CORRUPT PATCH - Windows XP/2003 (x64)"


In addition, a bug in the relevance has been discovered and fixed for
the "Administrative Install" Fixlet messages for the MS07-013 and
MS07-015 Office 2003 updates.  The original version of the Fixlet
messages targeted the wrong "office deployment method" registry key and
would not become relevant on vulnerable machines.  The relevance has
been modified to target the correct keys.


Affected Fixlet message:

701310: "MS07-013: Vulnerability in Microsoft RichEdit Could Allow
Remote Code Execution - Office 2003 (Administrative Install)"

701510: "MS07-015: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office Could Allow
Remote Code Execution - Office 2003 (Administrative Install)"


Please contact BigFix Technical Support if you have any questions
regarding these modifications.


BigFix Product Team

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