[BESAdmin-Announcements] Update to the Fixlet Title Policy for "Patches for Windows" Sites

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Thu Oct 5 14:41:34 PDT 2006

Microsoft re-released three Security Bulletins in September (MS06-040,
MS06-042, and MS06-049). One of these, MS06-042, was a second re-release
(version 3 of the updates). Many customers were confused by this and we
received various inquiries asking us to help identify the correct Fixlet
messages to deploy. To help BES operators distinguish between different
sets of Fixlet messages, we are changing our Fixlet title policy to tag
re-released and superseded updates. Fixlet messages in the "Patches for
Windows" sites that deploy re-released and/or superseded updates are


MS05-016: Vulnerability in Windows Shell that Could Allow Remote Code
Execution - Windows Server 2003 (Superseded)
MS05-016: CORRUPT PATCH - Windows Server 2003 (Superseded)
MS05-023: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Word May Lead to Remote Code
Execution - Office 2003 (Local/Network Install) (Superseded)

MS06-042: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer - IE 5.01 SP4
- Windows 2000 SP4 (v3, re-released 9/12/2006)
MS06-042: CORRUPT PATCH - IE 5.01 SP4 - Windows 2000 SP4 (v3,
re-released 9/12/2006)
MS06-042: REVISED PATCH - IE 5.01 SP4 - Windows 2000 SP4 (v3,
re-released 9/12/2006)

Superseded and Re-released:
MS05-019: Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP Could Allow Remote Code Execution
and Denial of Service - Windows XP (v2, re-released 6/14/2006)
MS05-019: REVISED PATCH - Windows XP (v2, re-released 6/14/2006)


Content across the "Enterprise Security" and non-English "Patches for
Windows" sites has been modified to follow this new policy. Similar
modifications will also be made across non-Windows patch sites over the
next 4-6 weeks. Please contact BigFix Technical Support if you have any
questions regarding this change.


BigFix Product Team

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