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Wed Mar 1 17:29:28 PST 2006

Over the last three days, all Patches for Windows content (English and
non-English) has been standardized to reference the new CVE naming
scheme and run helper utilities RunQuiet.exe and QChain.exe from the BES
Support site.


CVE Renumbering


Fixlet message descriptions has been changed across these sites to use
the new CVE naming scheme put in place by MITRE late last year.  The
prefix "CAN" in CVE names has been replaced with the prefix "CVE". For
more information, view the CVE renumbering Q&A:


RunQuiet.exe and QChain.exe


QChain.exe is a Microsoft utility that allows multiple hotfixes to be
installed with only one reboot. RunQuiet.exe is a BigFix tool designed
to run QChain quietly without displaying a DOS window on client
machines. The majority of content in the Patches for Windows sites
contain the action command "run runquiet qchain.exe" that will fail to
execute when a custom copy of the Fixlet message is created. To prevent
failures in custom copies, content has been modified to run RunQuiet and
QChain from the BES Support site instead. More information about QChain
can be found here:


These changes do not affect content functionality. Please contact BigFix
Technical Support if you have any questions.


BigFix Product Team

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