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Mon Jan 9 21:42:35 PST 2006

Hi everybody,

Tomorrow we are launching a new "Software Distribution" service for BigFix
customers only. This new service will allow BigFix customers to request
application deployment Fixlet messages, which BigFix will build and deliver.
The Fixlet messages will first check for the application (so that the
application isn't installed twice which could lead to problems), then will
silently deploy the application, and then will report whether the
application was installed successfully.
This service was requested by several customers who wanted to deploy
applications using BES, but did not want to build and test the application
deployment using the Software Distribution Wizard. 

If you are interested in this service, please contact
<mailto:professional_services at bigfix.com> professional_services at bigfix.com.
You will need to tell us which application you would like to deploy (i.e.,
Adobe, WinZip, Symantec, McAfee, an internal custom application, and so on).
We will then create and test a Fixlet message that will deploy the
application. After we deliver the Fixlet message to you, deploying the
application will be as easy as deploying a patch.
Please contact professional_services at bigfix.com for more information about
how to use this service. 

BigFix Professional Services Team
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