[BESAdmin-Announcements] MS06-001 (WMF Vulnerability) Fixlet messsages now available!

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Thu Jan 5 15:00:05 PST 2006


Microsoft has released a patch for MS06-001 (WMF Vulnerability) early
instead of waiting for next Tuesday. 

The patch became available around 1:20pm Pacific Time today (Jan 5) and we
have just finished creating and testing the Fixlet messages for the MS06-001
vulnerability (the Fixlet messages were released around 2:35pm Pacific

Your BES Servers will gather all the Fixlet messages within an hour and the
BES Clients should report whether they need the patch very soon thereafter. 

If you would like to tell your BES Server to gather the Fixlet messages now
instead of waiting for their normal hour polling cycle, follow these
- For BES 5.1: In the BES Console, go to Tools > Manage Sites and click
"Gather All Sites".
- For BES 5.0 and earlier: Restart the "BES GatherDB" service on the main
BES Server.

We will be updating the notes of the Fixlet messages as we hear feedback
from our customers about any potential problems that this new Microsoft
patch may cause. As always, we recommend testing patches before deploying
them to large numbers of computers.

BigFix Fixlet Content Team

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