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Tue Aug 29 18:26:51 PDT 2006

BES is now available as a patched upgrade to previous BES 6.0
The new version patches several minor issues in BES with the
most changes in the BES Console and BES Web Reports.  All BES
components are fully forward and backward compatible with the previous
6.0.x components. Additional information about the update is available
at the bottom of the page at
This upgrade is available to all BES customers at no charge.  As with
all BES upgrades, you can upgrade any component manually or by using
Fixlet messages available on the BES Support Fixlet site. You will see
upgrade Fixlet messages for each BES component that is not yet upgraded.
If you are currently running BES 6.0, you can upgrade any or all of the
components in any order.  For those customers at BES 5.1 or earlier, the
upgrade pathway remains the same and you should upgrade to BES
whenever possible to take advantage of the newest features,
optimizations, and bug fixes.
Manual upgrade instructions are available at
The documentation for BES 6.0 is available at
BigFix Product Team
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