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Wed Aug 23 16:00:16 PDT 2006

The "Memory and Partition Usage (UNIX)" analysis in the "BES Inventory
and License" site has been modified. The properties were previously set
to evaluate once an hour, and when activated, the BES Clients would
query the total space, free space, and used space of all partitions once
per hour. This is generally acceptable behavior, but on machines with
Network File System (NFS) enabled, some of the partitions may reside on
a NFS server, which would cause the clients to query the NFS servers
once an hour. The evaluation interval has been changed to once per day
to limit the frequency of NFS server queries. This change should not
require re-activation of the analysis. If you have any questions
regarding this change, please contact BigFix Technical Support.


BigFix Product Team

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