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Wed Sep 28 17:25:28 PDT 2005

BigFix is pleased to announce the availability of new solutions and content
additions to several existing solutions.


Expanded "Patches for Windows" includes CVE and SANS identifiers (this
family of sites is part of BigFix's "Patch Management" solution):


CVE and SANS information has been added to the "Enterprise Security" site.
BES Console users can now see the CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures)
number(s) assigned to each Microsoft security bulletin, as well as the SANS
Top Vulnerability to Windows category, if applicable. The CVE/SANS
information is searchable via the "Find" function in the BES 5.1 Console.
More information regarding CVE and SANS can be found at:


        http://www.cve.mitre.org <http://www.cve.mitre.org/>  and


A new category of Fixlet messages, "Microsoft Unsupported", has been added
to the "Patches for Windows" sites (for all Windows OS languages), to detect
computers in your network that are running a version of Windows that is no
longer supported by Microsoft. Unsupported Microsoft products may contain
security vulnerabilities that BES Patch Management will not detect (because
Microsoft no longer publishes patches for these products). These computers
should be upgraded to a supported version as soon as possible to ensure
newly discovered vulnerabilities are reported. More information can be found
in the "Microsoft Unsupported" Fixlet messages. 



New "Patches for AIX" (this site is part of BigFix's "Patch Management"


Fixlet content for AIX 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 has been released. The site
provides coverage of the latest Maintenance Level Package for each supported
platform, as well as any additional Security Advisories, Critical Fixes,
High Impact/Highly Pervasive Fixed, and PTF's in Error released after the
latest Maintenance Level Package. In addition, there are various tasks and
analyses that help you maintain your AIX machines. More information about
the site is available here:





New the "BES Platform" now includes agent support for Solaris 10:


The Solaris 10 agent can be downloaded from the BigFix web site:





Expanded "Patches for Solaris" now includes Solaris 10 (this site is part of
BigFix's "Patch Management" solution):


The "Patches for Solaris" site now supports the Solaris 10 platform. The
site provides the latest Maintenance Update (MU) and Recommended Patch
Cluster for each platform, and any additional bundled patches categorized as
"Security" or "Recommended", or both released after the latest MU.



Expanded "BES License and Inventory" now covers Linux and Unix:


New tasks and analyses have been published to the "BES License and
Inventory" site that allow you to audit software and hardware inventory from
your Unix and Linux clients. Examples of the new capabilities include:


*	Memory and Partition Usage - Free RAM, Used Space of Partitions,


*	Operating System - Full OS Name, Uptime, Number of Running
Processes, etc.


*	Hardware - CPU, Hard Disks, RAID, Video Controller, Sound Devices,


*	Application - Runlevel 3 Services, Products in Object Repository,
Packages in PkgDB, RPM packages Installed, etc.


*	Network - Domain, DNS Servers, Network Devices, MAC Addresses,
Subnet Masks, etc.


Note: Similar analyses for Windows clients have been migrated from "BES
Support" to the "BES License and Inventory" site. The "BES License and
Inventory" site is free to all existing BES customers for the remaining
duration of their contracts.



Please contact BigFix Technical Support (enterprisesupport at bigfix.com) if
you have any questions regarding these new solutions and content additions.


BigFix Product Team

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