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Fri Sep 23 14:42:57 PDT 2005

BigFix is pleased to announce the availability of new solutions and content
additions to several existing solutions.

New "Client Compliance: Windows IPSec Framework" (this site is part of the
family of "Network Enforcement" solution):

Many customers are looking to protect their networks by deploying network
access control technologies to insure that only known and security compliant
endpoints get access to their networks. BigFix is developing a number of
add-on solutions and extensions to provide automated compliance assessment,
quarantine, and remediation for network admission control. "Client
Compliance: Windows IPSec Framework" is a stand-alone solution, that in
conjunction with BES, provides self-quarantine for Windows endpoints that
are managed by the BES Client and based on network access policies that you
define. More information about this and other forthcoming network access
control capabilities can be found here:


New "Client Manager for Spyware Tools" (this site is part of BigFix's
"Endpoint Security" solution):

Software pests and spyware is a significant problem for many organizations.
To help detect and eliminate spyware, BigFix has released a comprehensive
spyware detection and removal extension, BigFix AntiPest (powered by Pest
Patrol), and is now releasing a 2nd offering, "Client Manager for Spyware
Tools". This solution helps you manage, update, and report on third party
anti-spyware tools like Spybot - Search & Destroy, Microsoft Windows
Anti-spyware BETA, and WebRoot SpySweeper Enterprise. More information about
the site is available here:


Expanded "Client Manager for Anti-Virus" (this site is part of BigFix's
"Endpoint Security" solution):

Many organizations see various issues with their anti-virus infrastructure

*       Some AV agents are not installed. 
*       Some AV agents are installed but not running. 
*       Some AV agents have outdated engines. 
*       Some AV agents have outdated definitions. 

These issue combined can affect 5%-20% of computers in any given
organization at any given time for a variety of reasons. Since AV
infrastructure is generally deemed Critical, this is a significant problem.
Client Manager for Anti-Virus helps you use BES to detect and fix these
issues, improving the coverage and effectiveness of your AV infrastructure.
The solution supports multiple leading AV products.

New content has been added to this solution including several tasks and an
analysis that help you deploy, run, and manage the McAfee Stinger virus
removal tool. There is also a new analysis "Symantec AntiVirus - Virus
Information" that retrieves detected virus information across your network
improving visibility into your Symantec AV deployment.

Expanded "Patches for Red Hat Enterprise" (this site is part of BigFix's
"Patch Management" solution):

The "Patches for Red Hat Enterprise" site now provides full coverage of Red
Hat "Security", "Bug", and "Enhancement" Advisories for both Red Hat
Enterprise Linux v.3 and v.4. There is also a new download-cacher tool
available. More information is available here:


Expanded "Security Policy Manager" (this site is part of BigFix's
"Vulnerability Management" solution):

A new wizard, the "Service Baseline Wizard" is now available in the Security
Policy Manager site. This wizard helps BES Administrators define required or
prohibited services (for Windows computers) for the BES Client to enforce.

New Office Macro Security tasks and analyses allow you to configure and view
Office macro security settings for Office 2000, Office XP, and Office 2003.

New Windows Security Fixlet messages detect and reconfigure vulnerable local
security settings such as "Everyone Permission Applies to Anonymous Users",
and Web Content Zone tasks and analyses allow you to configure and view
Internet Explorer content zone security levels across your deployment.

Please contact BigFix Technical Support (enterprisesupport at bigfix.com) if
you have any questions regarding these new solutions and content additions.

BigFix Product Team

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