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Fri Oct 14 18:28:36 PDT 2005

An issue has been discovered in the "MS05-044: Vulnerability in the Windows
FTP Client Could Allow File Transfer Location Tampering" Fixlet messages for
Windows 2000 (Fixlet ID's 504405 and 504406). The Fixlet message did not
correctly restrict its relevance to Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, and will be
relevant on any Windows 2000 computers running Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1.
The Fixlet action will report back "Failed" when deployed to computers not
running Windows 2000 SP4, as the patch will error out silently during


The relevance has been updated. BES Clients not running Windows 2000 SP4
should no longer report relevant for the "MS05-044" Fixlet messages after
gathering the latest version of the site.


Please contact BigFix Technical Support (enterprisesupport at bigfix.com) if
you have any questions regarding this issue.


BigFix Product Team

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