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Thu Feb 24 06:50:13 PST 2022

Content in the Server Automation site has been modified.

Reasons for Update:

New! Replacing the entire RXA module with a Remote connector for the SA module which uses SSH protocol by leveraging JSCH jar which is open source, provides the same functionality as the RXA module.

Note: The new SA Remote Connector module provides the same level of functionality as the existing RXA module. Going ahead, the RXA installation is not possible. So new users have to use RC and existing customers can use both in the same environment if needed. The existing RXA module is going to be removed in subsequent releases.

Defect Articles
KB0094336 : Server Automation Plan engine custom log amendments ​
KB0094182 : Patching Windows VM Template Automation Plan issues
KB0096494/KB0096772 : Unable to deploy fixlet 110 of Server Automation site
KB0096237 : Action script error while installing Remote connector tool

Security Enhancements

Published site and components version:

Server Automation - Site Version: 83
SA Plan engine version  : 9.5.61
SA Rest Node version    : 9.5.61
SA RC version                : 9.5.61

Actions to Take:

Gathering of the site and installation of the new Plan Engine, installation of the new Remote Connector and Server Automation REST API modules will get the updates installed.

BigFix Server Automation Documentation:

BigFix Application Engineering Team
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