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WebUI Patch Policies

This release fixes an issue in version 18 of Patch Policies.

In version 18, editing a policy created prior to the January 21, 2021 (version 18) release may produce the error "Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string" and leave that policy definition in a bad state.
Then upon restarting the Patch Policies application either through a restart of the WebUI service or an update of Patch Policies to a later version, you may also receive that same on-screen error when trying to access Patch Policies.

Version 19 resolves this policy editing issue.

However, any bad policy definitions will still need to be corrected by following the instructions below.

Corrective Action For Patch Policies:

If you receive the on-screen error "Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string." when trying to access Patch Policies, you may have one or more polices in a malformed state.
To correct the policy/policies:

  1.  Go to the policy edit page directly using the url: https://<webui_server>/autopatch/policy/<POLICYID>/edit<https://%3cwebui_server%3e/autopatch/policy/%3cPOLICYID%3e/edit>
     *   The POLICYID can be identified from the url in the error message. For example, given "url":"/autopatch/api/policy/2/refresh", the policy ID is 2.
  2.  If the Custom checkbox is checked but the custom fields have not been filled out, uncheck the box and save the policy.

How to update
WebUI Patch Policies will update automatically by default, unless configured otherwise.

Published WebUI Site Versions
Patch Policies version 19

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