[BESAdmin-Announcements] BigFix Compliance: Updated CIS Checklist for Ubuntu 16, published 2020-08-17

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Tue Aug 18 01:00:05 PDT 2020

BigFix Compliance

Updated CIS Checklist for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Benchmark with bugfixes.

Security Benchmark:
CIS Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS Benchmark, v1.1.0

Published Sites:
CIS Checklist for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server, site version 17
(The site version is provided for air-gap customers.)

Fixed and improved implementation for the following checks:

  *   Ensure source routed packets are not accepted
  *   Ensure broadcast ICMP requests are ignored
  *   Ensure syslog-ng default file permissions configured
  *   Ensure permissions on bootloader config are configured
  *   Ensure mail transfer agent is configured for local-only mode​
  *   Ensure access to the su command is restricted
  *   Ensure permissions on all logfiles are configured
  *   Ensure password fields are not empty
  *   Ensure password expiration warning days is 7 or more
  *   Ensure password expiration is 365 days or less
  *   Ensure inactive password lock is 30 days or less
  *   Ensure minimum days between password changes is 7 or more

Actions to take:
• To subscribe to the above site, you can use the License Overview Dashboard to enable and gather the site. Note that you must be entitled to the BigFix Compliance product and you must be using BigFix version 9.2 and later.
• If you use custom sites, update your custom sites accordingly to use the latest content. You can synchronize your content by using the Synchronize Custom Checks wizard. For more information, see https://help.hcltechsw.com/bigfix/9.5/compliance/Compliance/SCM_Users_Guide/c_using_synchronize_custom_checks_wiz.html

More information:
To know more about the BigFix Compliance SCM checklists, please see the following resource:

  *   BigFix Forum:
  *   BigFix Compliance SCM Checklists:
We hope you find this latest release of SCM content useful and effective. Thank you!
– The BigFix Compliance team

We hope you find this latest release of SCM content useful and effective. Thank you!
– The BigFix Compliance team
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