[BESAdmin-Announcements] BigFix Inventory: Application Update 9.2.16 published 2019-09-24

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Tue Sep 24 07:24:33 PDT 2019

BigFix Inventory Team is proud to announce availability of new version of BigFix Inventory.

BigFix Inventory application update 9.2.16

Published site version:
BigFix Inventory v9 - version 127.

This update contains features that enhance inventory, license reporting and keep your BigFix Inventory application secure. The key features include:

* Preview feature: Software Summary (Preview) report enhanced with links to usage data
The initial version of report delivered in 9.2.15 is now enhanced with links to usage data on Software Classification report.

* Improved reporting of IBM FlexPoints

  *   BigFix Inventory reports information about the highest license consumption of FlexPoints over a specified reporting period for an entire FlexPoint bundle as well as the contributing products.
  *   License metric utilization trends for the entire bundle, as well as its components on the Metric Quantity History graph. The graph presents information about the values calculated by the system and the values that are declared by the user.
  *   Two new columns are now available on metric reports: Peak Date and Metric Quantity.
  *   The All IBM Metrics report shows only license consumption on a bundle level. To see the detailed information about license consumption for the contributing products, drill down by clicking the name of the bundle.
  *   Audit snapshot is extended with an additional file that outlines the usage of FlexPoints in your environment. The flexpoints.csv file contains information about the FlexPoint bundles and the underlying products.
* Setting metric quantity for license metrics that are not calculated by BigFix Inventory
You can manually declare the metric quantity for selected license types for which BigFix Inventory does not calculate license metric utilization out of the box.

* Extension of the computer_hardware API association
You can retrieve information about additional hardware parameters, such as the serial number, vendor, model, or type of the physical server.

* Custom rules for automatically suppressing components that meet specified criteria
By specifying the relevant criteria you can create the custom rule which automatically suppresses the matching components in the future.

* Support for BigFix Inventory server on MS SQL 2017
MS SQL 2017 is now supported as a database for BigFix Inventory for fresh installations.

* Discovery with the latest software catalog
The included software catalog is the latest
It includes IBM License Metric Tool Software Catalog version

* Security enhancements
On the endpoint side:
o Update of the Xerces library to version 3.2.1 on AIX to keep the scanner secure and reliable.

* Support for new platforms
On the server side:
o Windows 2019
On the endpoint side:
o Debian 9 x86 and x64
o SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 x86-64
o SMBIOS3 on Linux

Action to take
To upgrade the BigFix Inventory server to application update 9.2.16, run the Upgrade to the latest version of BigFix Inventory fixlet from the BigFix console.

We hope you find this latest release of BigFix Inventory content useful and effective.

Thank you!

- The BigFix Inventory Team
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