[BESAdmin-Announcements] Content Modification: Kernel Fixlets relevance changes for Patches for RHEL sites

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Fri Jul 26 14:55:47 PDT 2019

Relevance of kernel Fixlets of the Patches for RHEL sites have been modified.

What has changed
The previous behavior is kernel Fixlets will become relevant if a lower version of the kernel package is installed and there is no kernel package installed at a higher version. The updated behavior will also detect if the endpoint’s active kernel is also using the latest version of the kernel. If the endpoint has the latest kernel installed but is not using it, the kernel Fixlet will also become relevant.

Published sites

  *   Patches for RHEL 6 Native Tools, site version 506
  *   Patches for RHEL 7, site version 348
  *   Patches for RHEL PPC64BE 7, site version 162
  *   Patches for RHEL 7 PPC64LE, site version 194
  *   Patches for RHEL RHSM 6 on System z, site version 186
  *   Patches for RHEL RHSM 7 on System z, site version 184

Actions to take
Gathering the sites will show the updated changes.

If a kernel Fixlet is suddenly relevant whereas previously it was not relevant, most likely the endpoint is not using the latest kernel. It is recommended that the endpoint switch to using the latest kernel to avoid potential vulnerabilities.

For the pre-announcement of the release, see: https://forum.bigfix.com/t/pre-announcement-kernel-fixlets-relevance-changes-for-linux-sites/30601

Application Engineering Team
BigFix Patch
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