[BESAdmin-Announcements] Pre-Announcement: Kernel Fixlets relevance changes for Linux sites

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Mon Jul 8 19:23:17 PDT 2019

BigFix Patch will be enhancing how kernel Fixlets will become relevant for Linux endpoints within the next couple of weeks. The current behavior is kernel Fixlets will become relevant if a lower version of the kernel package is installed and there is no kernel package installed at a higher version. The new behavior will also detect if the endpoint's active kernel is also using the latest version of the kernel.

What is changing?
Kernel Fixlets will have an additional relevance that checks for the endpoint's active kernel. If the endpoint is currently not using the Fixlet's targeted kernel or a kernel of a higher version, the Fixlet will become applicable even if the targeted kernel or a kernel of a higher version is already installed.

Why is this changing?
This change will allow users to know they are still vulnerable even if they have the latest kernel installed as they are not currently using the latest kernel.

Who is affected?
BigFix deployments subscribed to the following sites:

  *   Patches for CentOS
  *   Patches for Oracle Linux
  *   Patches for RHEL
  *   Patches for SLE
  *   Patches for Ubuntu

Actions to take
Gathering the sites will show the updated changes.

Application Engineering Team
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