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Fri Jun 1 07:51:20 PDT 2018

Content pack provides new discovery capability due to software 
catalog updates. Additionally new version of Installed Windows 
Applications analysis and Initiate Software Scan fixlet is provided for 
discovery of Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Windows. 
Apply this content pack in the following scenarios: 
You installed IBM products that were released after publication date of 
the BigFix Inventory server version you are running
The content pack provides discovery of non-IBM products that you need (for 
example Microsoft SQL Server 2017)

Published site version
IBMŸ BigFixŸ Inventory - version 112. For information about changes that 
were introduced in each version of the site, see: Updates and patches.

New discovery capability
This content pack provides discovery capability, among others, for the 
following software components: 
Adobe products:
Adobe Acrobat DC
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Lightroom CC
Adobe Lightroom Classic
Microsoft products:
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (on Windows)
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft Power BI Desktop
Microsoft SQL Report Builder
VMware products: 
VMware View Agent
VMware View Persona Management

To browse the full catalog content after you apply this content pack, use 
the Software Catalog widget in BigFix Inventory. Link to full change list 
is available in description of the Software Catalog Update fixlet.

Applying the content pack
To apply this content pack, perform the following actions:

Update software catalog. For BigFix Inventory version 9.2.11, run the 
Software Catalog Update fixlet from the BigFix console and run data 
import. For older versions, see: Updating the software catalog to ensure 
accuracy of software reporting. 
Restart Initiate Software Scan actions on Windows endpoints to use the new 
fixlet definition.

Installation of this content pack, does not upgrade the BigFix Inventory 

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