[BESAdmin-Announcements] IBM BigFix Self-Service Application and Software Distribution have been updated (December 2018)

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Tue Dec 18 09:24:17 PST 2018

BigFix team is pleased to announce updates to the Self-Service Application
(SSA) and Software Distribution capabilities.

Reason for Update:
Changes in the BigFix Self-Service Application, Software Distribution Site
and WebUI Software Application.

The Self-Service Application provides a number of general capabilities:
·        Run BigFix actions such as: patching, maintenance tasks,
diagnostics and/or other utility programs, etc.
·        Publish corporate links to resources (e.g. Sales kits, Developer
tools, Printers, access other documents or files)
·        View feedback and status of selected operations
·        View history of selected operations

This release provides New Lifecycle Management functionality in our WebUI

·        Manage software products, with automated correlation of Install /
Uninstall operations for software packages. When a software package is made
available to the end user, the Self-Service App can verify if it is already
installed or not and provides the end user with the most appropriate task
·        Persist Software packages in the Self-Service App so that they are
always visible
·        Define Software package prerequisites. This helps to prevent
software installation failures. If a software package prerequisite is not
met, the end user is notified of the details and will be able to retry
installing the software after satisfying the prerequisite.
·        New Enhanced messaging capabilities beyond what was available in
the client UI. This allows administrators to keep their end users informed
about required software, configuration compliance tasks, reboot
notifications and software installation progress which helps to reduce help
desk calls.

Actions to Take:
Users of the BigFix Self-Service Application will need to update this
component to version 3.0.0, using the following fixlets from Software
Distribution site:
Fixlet 302: Upgrade IBM BigFix Self-Service Application (Windows)
Fixlet 304: Upgrade IBM BigFix Self-Service Application (Mac OS X)

Platform version 9.5.11 is a prerequisite for new features in this release.

Published Site Version:
Software Distribution, site version 82
WebUI Software application, site version 22

Additional Links:
IBM BigFix Self-Service Application and Software Distribution User’s Guide:
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