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Mon Oct 16 10:52:47 PDT 2017

The IBM BigFix team is pleased to announce the release of version 9.5 Patch
7 ( of the BigFix Platform.

The main features included in this release are:

   - Enhanced Client Deploy Tool - allows for simple "Right-Click & Deploy"
   of the BES Agent from unmanaged assets to any endpoint regardless of OS
   (including different agent versions)
   - Enhanced agent registration to reduce / eliminate duplicated computers
   - Ability to elevate privileges for 'Run as user' command execution –
   for example to deploy software as “Admin”
   - Added the ability to specify a timeout value for the "wait"
   actionscript command
   - Actionscript extensions to allow reading the contents of Locked Files
   – including the current day BES Client Log file
   - Improved Session Relevance to allow accessing the Action Start Time,
   End Time and Exit Code for improved reporting and troubleshooting
   - Support for SMTP Authentication for email notifications in Web Reports
   - Replaced SQL Server Express 2008 with SQL Server Evaluation 2016 SP1
   for Trial installations
   - Other Enhancements
      - Improved documentation regarding SSL configuration for BigFix
      Platform and applications
      - Added setting to control the number of rotated BESRelay.log files
      - Added support for deploying BigFix Agent / Relay on RHEL and Linux
      CentOS versions 6 and 7 with SELinux enabled
      - Added support for BigFix Agent on Debian 9
      - Added support for BigFix Agent on Mac High Sierra (addressed
      limitation from initial 9.5.5 support)
      - APAR and defect fixes
      - Security enhancements

See further details in the 9.5.7 Release Notes at:

See the full technical changelist at:

Pre-Upgrade Considerations:

   - All BigFix Platform components are being released in this patch.
   - Ensure to STOP the WebUI and any other active application connecting
   to the BigFix database BEFORE starting the upgrade
   - A manual Server upgrade is required if you upgrade from a version
   earlier than 9.5.5. Refer to the 9.5.5 release notes for more information.


Useful links:

IBM BigFix downloads and release information:

Upgrade documentation in IBM Knowledge Center

   - BigFix Server on Linux:
   - BigFix Server on Windows:

Discuss this on the forum:

-- Platform Engineering Team - IBM BigFix
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