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Mon Oct 9 04:35:22 PDT 2017

IBM BigFix Inventory and IBM License Metric Tool application update 9.2.9
is now available.
This  update  contains  features that extend software discovery and enhance
license reporting. The key features include:

   · 	Reporting  of  SAP  license  usage  with  integration of SAP License
      Administration Workbench (SLAW) and SAP USMM (BigFix Inventory only)

      This  is  the first delivery of a capability that allows for managing
      SAP license usage in BigFix Inventory. It is now possible to have SAP
      license   usage   reports   consolidated  into  BigFix  Inventory  by
      integration  with  the SLAW and USMM tools. The measurements from all
      SAP  systems  in the SAP landscape are transferred to the central SAP
      and  combined into one SLAW report. You can integrate the report into
      BigFix  Inventory  so  that  utilization  of  license metrics for SAP
      products  is shown on the Resource Utilization report. The capability
      is  available  for  all SAP products that can be measured by SAP USMM
      and SLAW tools.

      Benefits:  Centralized management of gathering SAP license usage data
      and single pane of glass reporting of license usage information.

   ·	Adding custom fields to license metric reports

      You  can  extend the All Metrics report and its derivatives by adding
      custom  fields  in  which you can add information related to software
      products.  The  information can be of any type and therefore can help
      you  better identify ownership and purpose of the discovered products
      as well as additional license management information such as purchase
      orders,  product  owners or other. Once the information is added, you
      can use it to create filtering and grouping criteria such as contract
      name, placement, allocation, date, or other.

      Benefits: Reporting is enhanced with more powerful filtering criteria
      and information. You can also enable notifications that are triggered
      when specific criteria are met.

   · 	Extending discovery of Oracle Databases to Solaris (BigFix Inventory

      Reporting  of  Oracle  Databases  is  extended  to  Solaris 10 and 11
      operating  systems  for  all  discoverable versions. You can retrieve
      granular  information  about  the  edition  (Standard or Enterprise),
      options, Management Packs (including Oracle Real Application Cluster,
      RAC),  and  user  concurrent  sessions  of  Oracle Databases that are
      deployed in your environment.

      Benefits:  You can manage licenses of Oracle Databases across a wider
      set of operating system in your environment.

   · 	Stand-alone  scanner  for monitoring isolated systems is extended to

      The  stand-alone  scanner  available  for  computers  that  cannot be
      connected  to  the central management servers due to security reasons
      is  extended  to AIX operating system. It is now possible to discover
      software  and  hardware  inventory  by using disconnected scans. Scan
      results  are  placed in files that can be later on used to import the
      collected data to the BigFix Inventory or License Metric Tool server.

      Benefits:  You  can collect software and hardware inventory data from
      AIX servers that cannot have the BigFix client installed.

   · 	Information  about  packages  that  can  be  used to create software

      Package  Data report is enhanced by adding information about which of
      the  packages  that are discovered in your infrastructure are already
      used as software signatures.

      Benefits:  It  is  easier  to  identify which packages can be used to
      extend software discovery as they do not form software signatures.

   ·	Improved security of storing VM manager passwords

      You  can overwrite the default key that is used to encrypt VM manager
      passwords  or  change  the  default  password  to the VM Manager Tool

      Benefits: Security of storing VM manager passwords is improved.

   · 	Discovery  of  new  components from Oracle, SAP, and Red Hat (BigFix
      Inventory only)

      The  software  catalog  is  extended  to  discover  a  number  of new
      components from Oracle, SAP, and Red Hat. To discover the components,
      ensure  that  you  upload the software catalog published in September
      2017, and upgrade BigFix Inventory to version 9.2.9.

      Below is the list of the newly added components. To learn about their
      exact  versions,  use the Software Catalog widget in BigFix Inventory
      to browse the catalog content.

         ·	Added discovery capability for Oracle products

            o Oracle Business Process Management Suite

            o Oracle Database Gateway for APPC

            o Oracle Database Gateway for Informix

            o Oracle Database Gateway for Microsoft SQL Server

            o Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC

            o Oracle Database Gateway for Sybase

            o Oracle Database Gateway for Teradata

            o Oracle Database Gateway for WebSphere MQ

            o Oracle JRockit

            o Oracle Procedural Gateway for APPC

            o Oracle Transparent Gateway for DRDA

            o Oracle Transparent Gateway for Microsoft SQL Server

            o Oracle Transparent Gateway for Sybase

            o Oracle Transparent Gateway for Teradata

         ·	Added discovery capability for SAP products

            o SAP Crystal Server

            o Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise

            o Sybase Enterprise Connect Data Access

            o Sybase IQ Server

            o Sybase Replication Server

         ·	Added discovery capability for Veritas products

            o Veritas NetBackup Client

            o Veritas NetBackup Media Server

         ·	Added discovery capability for CA Technologies products

            o CA Unified Infrastructure Management

            o CA Unified Infrastructure Management Snap

         ·	Added discovery capability for RED HAT Technologies products

            o Red Hat JBoss Data Grid

            o Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

            o Red Hat Satellite Server

         ·	Added discovery capability for AXWAY products

            o Axway Transfer CFT

            o Axway Transfer Interpel

         ·	Added discovery capability for RES products

            o RES ONE Automation Agent

            o RES ONE Automation Console

            o RES ONE Automation Dispatcher

      Benefits:  More  visibility into deployed products and components and
      better   license  management  without  the  need  to  develop  custom

Action to take

To learn how to get the application update and deploy it as well as to view
the full list of new features and APARs that were fixed in this application
update, see the following links:

BigFix Inventory: http://ibm.biz/bfi_update_929

License Metric Tool: http://ibm.biz/lmt_update_929

During  the upgrade, new versions of the software catalog and PVU table are
uploaded.  The  versions  that  are  uploaded are the newest ones that were
available  during  the  release  of the application update to which you are


If  you  have any product-related questions, please post them on one of the
following fora:


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