[BESAdmin-Announcements] Content Modification in OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging 3.9

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Thu Mar 30 13:47:15 PDT 2017

The OS Deployment team is happy to announce the following content
modifications in the OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging site.

Reasons for Update:

* New!

   - Centralized Log Management for all remote Bare Metal Servers -
   Facilitates faster problem resolution and audit tracking
   - WinPE direct boot environment - allows Windows deployments on UEFI
   Secure Boot Enabled computers
   - Windows Server 2016 deployment
   - Added support of latest Microsoft deployment toolkits (MDT 8443 and
   WADK 1607)
   - RHEL 6.8  deployment
   - BigFix 9.5 patch 5 agent support for bare metal deployment

* List of APARs included in this refresh

   - IV91497 Windows 10 import could fail on some operating systems if WADK
   1607 is installed
   - IV93156 MDT Bundle creation fails if OS resources with an ESD format
   image is created contextually
   - IV92998 Bare metal server sync could fail if some non standard
   character are used in a bare metal profile name
   - IV92464 Some extra time could be needed during deployment with join
   domain if MDT Bundle 3.9.01 or 3.9.04 is used
   - IV90439 Driver binding grid in Activity dashboard could be empty if a
   big number of device drivers are bound to the model
   - IV94296 some new computer models are not reported by bare metal
   extender to the console when booted in UEFI mode
   - IV93212 Windows 10 boot partition is smaller than expected on
   computers booted in BIOS mode
   - IV92303 Initial UEFI boot for PXE deployment could hang on new
   computer models using new memory types
   - IV93532 Check drivers button fails to display the result on Driver
   Library dashboard for Surface Pro 4

Published site version:
OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging, version 71.

Actions to Take:
Gathering of the site will automatically show the updates made.
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