[BESAdmin-Announcements] March 2017 Catalog Update for SUA 2.x

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Thu Mar 30 02:16:47 PDT 2017

This release announcement has been published to

The BigFix Inventory team is pleased to announce the release of software
catalog update for Software Use Analysis 2.x:
      Added signatures for components of Microsoft SQL Server to enable BFI
      to calculate processor license on distributed installations of
      Microsoft SQL Server
         Analysis Services
         Integration Services
         Master Data Services
         Reporting Services
      Added signatures for SAP products
         SAP Crystal Reports
         SAP Crustal Reports Viewer
      Added signatures for Oracle products
         Oracle Adapter
         Oracle B2B
         Oracle BPEL Process Manager
         Oracle Business Process Management Suite
         Oracle Business Rules
         Oracle Coherence
         Oracle Human Workflow
         Oracle Mediator
         Oracle SOA Suite
         Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder
         Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition
         Oracle WebLogic Suite
         Oracle WebLogic Server
         Service Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo
         Tuxedo Jolt
         Tuxedo Message Queue
         Tuxedo Server
         Tuxedo System and Application Monitor Plus
         MySQL Connector C
         MySQL Workbench
      Added signatures for TIBCO Enterprise Message Service
      New IBM software signatures for recent products and versions have
      been added to this catalog
      Multiple other updates and additions for other software titles. See
      the change list for additional details

See the change list link provided in the Software Catalog Update fixlet for
all details on changes.

Site Information

Software Use Analysis 2.x
      Site: IBM Software Inventory
      Version: 87
      Publish Date: 03/30/2017

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