[BESAdmin-Announcements] OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging 3.10 Release

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Tue Jun 27 14:44:08 PDT 2017

The IBM BigFix OS Deployment team is pleased to announce the release of OS
Deployment Version 3.10

What's new in this release:

* Process simplification - removed obsolete combinations of Microsoft tools
in MDT Bundle Creator wizard
* Improved deployment timeout management and related messages
* Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2k (PSIRT security requirement)

* Linux Deployments
          * You can capture Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 and 17.04 reference
images, and install them via bare metal deployment

* Windows Deployments
          * You can create MDT Bundle with the latest version of Microsoft
tools: MDT build 8443  and WADK 10 version 1703
          * You can use new Windows 10 Creators Update (aka version 1703)
for setup deployment, capture, reimaging and in-place upgrade

*  List of the APARs included in this release

IV95490: Direct boot requires explicit bindings. Autoinjection overwrites
explicit bindings.
IV94619: Unallocated disk space remains after an OSD bare metal build
IV95838: Linux capture includes shared memeory when evaluating the
partition with most disk space
IV96117: Unable to run offline deployments with Seagate USB disk

Actions to take:

This release is an update of the existing site. No immediate actions are
required and the current product will continue to function normally. Some
changes were made to existing features and to the User Interface.
To take advantage of the new features, you may need to create a new 3.10
MDT Bundle and update your Bare Metal Servers to version 300.15 or
The installation and upgrade of the Bare Metal OS Deployment server can
automatically download the latest available version directly from the
In airgapped or proxy environments, you may need to cache files on the
BigFix Server and/or the Console.

Additional Resources:

Link to Users Guide:

Link to Users Guide (PDF version):

Link to Wiki:

Instructions for air-gapped can be found at the following location:

Published site version:
OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging, version 74
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