[BESAdmin-Announcements] End of support for Software Knowledge Base Toolkit (SWKBT)

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Mon Jun 5 05:32:49 PDT 2017

Software Knowledge Base Toolkit (SWKBT) was formerly shipped with BigFix
Inventory and was used to create and manage software signatures.

This note is to confirm the end of support for SWKBT, effective April 30th,
2017, as it was announced in IBM Knowledge Center for BigFix Inventory:
“Starting from application update 9.2.2, the signatures can be created in
BigFix Inventory. Thus, Software Knowledge Base Toolkit becomes deprecated
and will eventually be sunset.” (

This strategy is in line with the feedback that we received from clients
who have been using SWKBT so far. Until now, clients needed to install
SWKBT to create custom signatures, as well as export and import the
software catalog to Software Use Analysis or Tivoli Asset Discovery for
Distributed. Now, the whole process is simplified and redesigned as part of
BigFix Inventory. You can easily create, manage, and use custom signatures.
Viewing  and managing signatures is an important part of BigFix Inventory
and will be enhanced in future releases. You can view the signatures in
BigFix Inventory under Reports > Signatures. Clients are presented with
seamless migration from SWKBT.

For more information, see:
- Creating custom signatures:

- Editing signatures:

- Migrating custom signatures from SWKBT to BigFix Inventory:

If any of the functionalities available through SWKBT is missing, an RFE
can be raised under the following link:
https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/rfe/. (Select ‘Security’ as a brand, and
IBM BigFix Inventory as a product).
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