[BESAdmin-Announcements] BigFIx and Carbon Black working together to provide a comprehensive endpoint security solution

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Thu Sep 22 08:02:07 PDT 2016

The IBM Bigfix team is very pleased to announce the release of a major 
milestone that the BigFix team and our strategic partner Carbon Black have 
worked together to achieve: The BigFix and Carbon Integration Phase 2 
integration is available now. 

Extending the phase 1 integration made available in 2Q this year, the 
BigFix and Carbon Black phase 2 integration combines the core functions of 
the Carbon Black Enterprise Response and Protection products and BigFix to 
provide a comprehensive endpoint security solution that customers can use 
to effectively detect, contain, investigate, and remediate security 
threats and attacks on endpoints across the enterprise.  As far as we 
know, no other endpoint security vendors today provide such a powerful, 
widely scoped, and next-generation solution enabled by this unique 
integration between BigFix and Carbon Black.

More specifically, the BigFix and Carbon Black integration now provides 
the following great values:
- Carbon Black deployment and health monitoring:  Both Carbon Black 
Enterprise Response and Protection agents can be quickly deployed, 
continuously monitored, and assisted in troubleshooting on endpoints by 
- BigFix tamper protection: BigFix client process and install directory 
can be protected from being tampered with using Carbon Black Enterprise 
- Malware removal: Malware 'banned files" identified by Carbon Black can 
be effectively removed using BigFix Fixlets.
- Vulnerability remediation: Vulnerabilities identified and prioritized by 
Carbon Black Enterprise Response can be listed and remediated (patched) on 
BigFix Console's "Manage Vulnerable Computers" dashboard.

You can find more integration information from the BigFix and Carbon Black 
Integration page on IBM developerWorks: 

The integration functions are available to customers that have BigFix 
Compliance and Carbon Black Enterprise Response and/or Protection (no 
additional purchase is necessary).  If you have these products, you can 
follow the deployment documentation available on the developerWorks page 
to download and configure all the integration modules.  If you have any 
questions about these integration functions or the BigFix and Carbon Black 
products, please contact your sales representatives. 

Thank you. 

IBM Bigfix Team.

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