[BESAdmin-Announcements] BigFix Protection product withdraw from the market and end of support and availability of a migration option

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Wed Sep 14 13:45:31 PDT 2016

Dear IBM BigFix Customers:

IBM has announced to withdraw IBM BigFix Protection from marketing,
effective December 16, 2016.  You can no longer purchase this product
directly from IBM after that date.

For existing BigFix Protection customers, the renewal for BigFix Protection
S&S (subscription and support) will not be available after February 10,

IBM has also announced End of Support for BigFix Protection, effective
December 31, 2017.  Existing BigFix Protection customers will get product
support until that date or the expiration of the current S&S contract.

Here is the link to the IBM product and support withdraw announcement that
includes BigFix Protection: https://ibm.biz/BdrCAr

To help customers continue to get anti-virus protection, IBM has provided
an option for all existing BigFix Protection customers to migrate from
BigFix Protection to Trend Micro's OfficeScan product at no additional
charge, and we highly recommend customers to consider this option.   Please
contact your IBM sales representatives for more information.

Thank you.
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