[BESAdmin-Announcements] IBM BigFix Patches for Windows adds ‘Workaround’ as a new Fixlet category

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Thu Jun 30 22:06:42 PDT 2016

IBM BigFix Patches for Windows added a new category of Fixlets called

Workaround Fixlets cover Microsoft content that do not provide patches.
This content sometimes come with a "Here's an easy fix" section that
instruct users to manually act on a fix, or to use the Easy Fix tool. They
have actions that automate Microsoft's instructions for fixes, such as
changing registry keys or running the Easy Fix tool. This content might
initially be released by Microsoft as security or non-security content.

KB3125869 (under MS15-124) is an example of a Workaround Fixlet. KB3125869
provides users with instructions for download options that fix a security
feature bypass.

For more information about Fixlet categories, see Difference in category
terms used by Microsoft and IBM BigFix.

Application Engineering team
BigFix Patch for Windows
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