[BESAdmin-Announcements] End of support date for SwKBT component and proposed actions to take

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Fri Jun 24 07:38:59 PDT 2016

Software Knowledge Base Toolkit (SwKBT) will go out of support on 30 April 

At this date, Software Use Analysis 2.x will also reach end of support as 
per this announcement: 

SwKBT is an optional software catalog management component which was part 
of the older versions of Software Use Analysis (SUA) and BigFix Inventory 
Starting from BFI product version 9.5, SwKBT is no longer available for 
download as all its major capabilities are available directly in BFI.

IBM encourages all SUA and BFI users to upgrade to the latest version of 
BFI and stop using SwKBT by migrating the custom catalog content to BFI 
(it is possible from application update 9.2.3) and managing it there. 
Detailed documentation of this process can be found under the following 

If you do not create custom catalog content or do not need to migrate it, 
you can simply disable SwKBT and import IBM-provided catalogs directly to 
any version of SUA 2.2, 9.x or BFI 9.x.

For SUA 2.x users, there are also other benefits of migrating to BFI 9.x. 
For more details, see the following link: 

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