[BESAdmin-Announcements] BigFix Lifecycle Server Automation V9.5 Application Update 4.5.1 is now available

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Tue Jun 14 09:41:30 PDT 2016

The Server Automation team is pleased to announce that SA Application 
Update 4.5.1 is now available.

VMware Management Extender support has been added for ESXi 6.0 (this 
includes new ESXi 6.0 Audit fixlets for VMware patches).

This patch release fixes a number of defects in the Automation Plan 
Engine, Server Automation REST API, and VMware and PowerVM Management 

Server Automation Site version: 63
Virtual Endpoint Manager Site version:  50 

Martin Feeney, Software Development Manager, IBM Bigfix WebUI, IBM Bigfix 
Lifecycle Server Automation, IBM Ireland, Tel : +353 (0)91 570632, Email : 
martin.feeney at ie.ibm.com
IBM Ireland Product Distribution Limited registered in Ireland with number 
92815. Registered office: IBM House, Shelbourne Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 

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