[BESAdmin-Announcements] IBM BigFix Patch releases support for AIX multibos patching

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Mon Jun 13 00:44:44 PDT 2016

IBM BigFix Patch is pleased to announce the multibos support for AIX 5.3 
TL3 and later versions.  
Multibos is an efficient way to apply updates on endpoints that may not 
have any free alternate disks, but has only one disk available on rootvg. 
With multibos, users can deploy technology level (TL) or service pack (SP) 
updates to an endpoint's standby base operating system (BOS) instance 
without impacting the active BOS instance. Multibos can help manage 
downtime and risk during an uprgrade, ensuring continuous operation of the 
AIX operating system on the endpoint.  
The AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard was enhanced to include a section 
mainly for the following multibos operations:
Multibos express task: Creating a BOS and deploying TL or SP updates to it
Creating a standby BOS
Deploying TL or SP updates
Updating the boot list
Removing a standby BOS
Running preview tasks for installations and updates

This release also includes the release of the "Deploy AIX StartUp/Shutdown 
script for multibos reboot" Fixlet, which must be deployed before 
rebooting to a standby BOS.

Actions to Take:
Ensure that the current rootvg has enough space for each BOS logic volume. 
The total number of copied logical volumes cannot exceed 128. The total 
number of copied logical volumes and shared logical volumes are subject to 
volume group limits.
Register and configure the AIX Download Plug-in or enable the NFS service 
and configure an NFS share to deploy TL and SP updates using multibos. For 
more information, see Registering the AIX download plug-in or Network File 
System support.
Ensure that the endpoints contain the expect.base fileset.
Ensure that you have sufficient amount of disk space on the /var partition 
to accommodate large files. Use the available tasks to set any size or 
space limitations. For more information, see Fix pack download 

Published Site Version:
Patches for AIX site, version 499
For more information, see the IBM BigFix Knowledge Center at 

Application Engineering Team
IBM BigFix Patch 

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