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IBM BigFix Platform

BigFix Licence Counting Process

The IBM BigFix Platform team is pleased to announce the first delivery of 
the BigFix License Counting Process enablement package for ILMT and BigFix 
Inventory as a step forward to allow BigFix customers to properly perform 
software license management on their BigFix deployments.

This is the initial delivery of capabilities aimed to enable and simplify 
software license management for BigFix portfolio.

Indeed all BigFix customers do need to be able to properly map IBM 
Passport Advantage part numbers they acquired for BigFix and related 
license quantities to what they have deployed  on their environment: 
- BigFix value to be able to commonly share agent across IBM BigFix 
portfolio does not relief customer need to know which BigFix product the 
agent is supporting based on the BigFix server License Key entitled 
- Once you know which BigFix product the agent is assigned to,  there is 
the additional need to count license usage accordingly to the license 
metric they have been purchased with: Client Device, RVU (Resource Value 
Unit for Activated Managed Processor Cores), MVS (Managed Virtual Server). 

For the managed servers IBM allows flexibility to purchase and mix BigFix 
license metrics (i.e: BigFix Lifecycle and BigFix Compliance licensed on 2 
physical servers with RVU metric and with MVS metric on another 2 physical 
servers, or BigFix Lifecycle licensed with MVS metric and BigFix Inventory 
licensed with RVU metric for the same managed physical servers). 

The License Overview dashboard available on BigFix Console iprovides 
capability to manage agent subscriptions to content sites of entitled 
BigFix products in use on the BigFix deployment but is not enough to 
proper perform accurate software license management as per above cases and 

With the adoption of ISO 19770 standard for IBM products and the related 
discovery enablement we added into ILMT and BigFix Inventory it is now 
possible to properly address the software license management need for 
BigFix portfolio.

The BigFix License Counting Process enablement package for ILMT and BigFix 
Inventory provides a set of Fixlets whose goal is to  automatically 
generate and place proper ISO 19770  tags on the computers where the 
BigFix agents are running so that they will be associated to the right 
BigFix products and related license metric.
ILMT and BigFix Inventory will than be able to process the ISO 19770 tags 
accordingly and visualize products and license usage on their reports.

Published site version:
BES Support version 1267 (or higher).

More information: 
More information on the related capabilities and recommended license 
management process flow is available on the BigFix Platform 9.5 
documentation at this link

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