[BESAdmin-Announcements] IBM BigFix WebUI Update: SAML Only Mode and other minor updates and fixes

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Tue Jul 5 16:02:55 PDT 2016

The IBM BigFix team has updated the BigFix WebUI application.

The option to start the WebUI in SAML-Only mode has been added. SAML-Only
mode allows you to use SAML authentication for Web Reports and the BigFix
Console without enabling the full set of WebUI applications or the WebUI
ETL process, which can quickly consume system resources in large

Enhancements to the overview dashboards have been made to improve the data,
name and performance of some overview tile queries. Warnings have also been
added for slow running overview tile queries.

Additionally a number of localization fixes and other minor bug fixes have
been addressed.

Actions to Take:
No action is necessary. Updated WebUI application site will be gathered and
loaded automatically. Predefined overview tiles will be automatically

Additional Information:
For information about enabling SAML-Only Mode, please refer to the
following Knowledge Center page:

IBM BigFix Team
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