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Tue Sep 1 00:25:32 PDT 2015

IBM is pleased to announce that BigFix Patch for SUSE just released an 
enhancement to an existing solution for installing packages from a custom 
repository. You can use the Install packages by using zypper task to 
install or update packages on SUSE Linux Enterprise version 11 and later 
endpoints that are registered to custom repositories. This task is 
enhanced to allow you to install all the packages that were issued until 
the date that you specify. The new action requires Zypper version 

The Zypper command that is used for the new action is as follows: zypper 
patch --date=<YYYY-MM-DD>

This task also provides a corresponding action to test the installation, 
without actually installing the packages on the endpoints. 
Actions to Take: 
Gathering of the site will automatically show the updates made. 
Before you use the updated task, ensure that you complete the following 
Configure a custom repository from the SLE Custom Repository Management 
dashboard. For more information about Custom repositories management, see 
The configured repository must be up-to-date and contain the required 
packages and metadata.

Published Site Version: 
Patching Support Site, version 384 

Application Engineering Team 
IBM BigFix

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