[BESAdmin-Announcements] IBM BigFix Patch releases native tools site for CentOS 7

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Fri Oct 9 21:31:11 PDT 2015

IBM BigFix Patch is pleased to announce the release of the native tools 
site for CentOS 7, called "Patches for CentOS 7". 
This site contains the content from the following supported channels for 
CentOS x86_64 systems:
Actions to take: 

Subscribe to the new site "Patches for CentOS 7" from the License Overview 
Install the bzip2 utility on the endpoints to use the patches from the new 
site. The bzip2 utility decompresses the metadata file that contains all 
the package information to the endpoints.

Note: The bzip2 utility may not be included in the CentOS 7 base 
installation, therefore manual installation of this compression utility is 

Here are the steps to install the bzip2 utility:
Use the audit Fixlet named Install bzip2 (ID # 1) to identify the 
endpoints that require bzip2 utility. 
Download the installation package from 
Use the RPM Deployment Wizard (available from the Linux RPM Patching site) 
to deploy the package to various endpoints. 

Execute the following actions related to the download plug-in:
If the CentOS download plug-in has never been registered before, register 
it from the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard.
If the CentOS download plug-in is already registered, upgrade it to the 
latest version (2.3.5) from the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard. 

Note: The Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard is available from the 
Patching Support site.
Published sites: 
Patches for CentOS 7 site, version 3
Patching Support site, version 407

Documentation resources: 
For the latest IBM BigFix Patch for CenOS User's Guide, see 

For information about the RPM Deployment Wizard, see

For information about download plug-ins, see 

Application Engineering Team
IBM BigFix

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