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Thu Nov 26 01:24:36 PST 2015

IBM BigFix Patch is pleased to announce that the AIX download cacher is 
updated to utilize the Electronic Customer Care (ECC) services to 
automatically download and cache AIX Technology Levels, Service Packs or 
Concluding Service Packs to facilitate deployment of AIX Fixlet. ECC 
replaces fixget to provide a centralized access point to access code 
updates for IBM systems. 

Using ECC instead of fixget has a significant impact on the supported 
protocols utilized for fix server communication and to download updates. 
ECC provides more reliable fix bundles, which will likely resolve issues 
in missing filesets.

The download cacher tool, which is a Perl executable file, together with 
its required components, JRE and Electronic Customer Care (ECC) client, 
are archived into a single package and is made available here: 

Actions to take:
To use the download cacher from the BigFix console, do the following:
1. Gather the updates for the Patches for AIX site.
2. Deploy the "Run Download Cacher Tool - AIX" task (ID #30). This task 
downloads and runs the AIX Download Cacher Tool on targeted client 

To manually run the Download Cacher tool, do the following steps:
1. Download the BFArchive Tool here: 
2. Download the AIX Download Cacher Package Tool here: 

3. Use the BFArchive Tool to extract the AIX Download Cacher Package Tool.
4. To run the download cacher tool, you can create a batch file with the 
parameters listed in this technote: 
http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21506031. If you run the 
tool without specifying any parameters, you will be prompted to enter the 
parameters at the command line.

Published Sites Version:
Patches for AIX site, version 446

Application Engineering Team
IBM BigFix 

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