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Tue Nov 17 10:15:44 PST 2015

The IBM BigFix team is pleased to announce the first release of the WebUI.

 The WebUI is a brand new way to manage endpoints in your deployment using
 a modern web application, outside of the BigFix console. The WebUI is a
 feature of the 9.2 Patch 6 version of the BigFix Platform.


    • Overview – Your environment at-a-glance. Move quickly to common tasks
    and areas that need attention.

    • Device List – View your devices and deploy content to them.

    • Deployment List – See all actions taken in your environment.

    • Patches – View and deploy Windows, Red Hat, Mac OS X patches.

    • Software Packages – View and deploy software packages. Create
    software packages.

    • Custom Content – View and deploy custom content.

 Notes: This initial release delivers the functionality required by a
 subset of BigFix operators responsible for deploying patches, software,
 and custom content to their endpoints. Other operators will continue to be
 supported through the Windows Console as we build support for them in the
 WebUI. The WebUI also will not scale for all sizes of environments. Please
 read the documentation carefully as you plan to enable and use the WebUI.


 For more information about this new release and how to get started, see

 Published Site Version for enablement content:

 BES Support, version 1234
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