[BESAdmin-Announcements] Patch Management for Windows releases the Custom Repository Setting feature for Java patches

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Mon Mar 30 23:12:38 PDT 2015

IBM Endpoint Manager for Patch Management for Windows is pleased to 
announce the release of the Custom Repository Setting feature for Java 
patches in the Updates for Windows Applications site. With this feature, 
users can create, update, or delete custom repository settings for Java 

For Java patches, the installers are cached for a limited time in IBM 
Endpoint Manager servers and eventually removed automatically. This 
requires users to again download and manually cache the installers to 
deploy Fixlets. 

The Custom Repository Setting feature works as an alternative to manual 
caching. Users can configure custom repository settings to cache Java 
installers to the custom repository folder. Installers are then maintained 
in the repository without the risk of automatic removal. 

As patches are deployed and actions taken from the IBM Endpoint Manager 
console, Java Fixlets download the patch binaries from the custom 
repository folder. Since patch binaries are permanently cached, users can 
maintain the custom repository folders as they prefer. 

Actions to Take: 

Published site version:
Updates for Windows Applications site, version 757.

Additional links:
For more information about the Custom Repository Setttings feature, see 

Application Engineering Team
IBM Endpoint Manager
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