[BESAdmin-Announcements] New version of Patches For ESXi site available.

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Thu Mar 26 11:16:48 PDT 2015

Content in the Patches for ESXi site has been modified so as to align with
the new version of Server Automation.

New/Updated Fixlet Messages:
801 Deploy Management Extender for VMware vCenter.
827 VMware Upgrade vCenter Plugin
Configure Management Extender dashboard

Published site version:
* Patches for ESXi, version 62.

Reasons for Update:
* Functionality extended in vCenter plugin to allow multiple vNICs to be
configured when creating a virtual machine from a template using Server
* New DLLs to allow the Configure Management Extender for VMware dashboard
to work on an 64 bit version of the Endpoint Manager console.

Actions to Take:
* Gathering of the site will automatically show the updates made.
* Use the fixlet 827  VMware Upgrade vCenter Plugin to upgrade the VMware
management extender.

Patches for ESXi Team
IBM Endpoint Manager

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