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Thu Jul 30 14:48:19 PDT 2015

IBM is pleased to announce that BigFix Patch for AIX released several
enhancements to the AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard to help manage alternate
disk patching, as well as enhancements to the AIX Deployment Wizard to
support NFS when deploying patches. This release also includes a new
dashboard for checking the overall health of an AIX deployment.


      Technology level and service pack deployment on existing rootvg
      You can use the options in the AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard to
      create a custom content for deploying technology level and service
      pack updates to an existing rootvg clone.

      Mirror management
      You can break two-way mirrors before creating an alternate disk clone
      from the AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard. Breaking mirrors before
      patching is a common practice and is typically in a failback plan.
      When the patch installation or the upgrade is verified, you can use
      the Re-mirror disk back to rootvg task (ID #83) to resume disk

      Alternate disk clone creation
      You can use the options in the AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard to
      create an alternate disk clone of the current rootvg on targeted AIX
      systems without deploying any updates to the clone.

      Deployment previews
      You can use the options in the AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard to
      create a Fixlet to run installation previews for technology level or
      service pack patches for a selected fix pack. The preview can help
      you identify the installation commands that are used and if there are
      any missing filesets.

      Fileset rejection
      As a rollback feature, you can use the AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard
      to reject filesets, which are in the applied state, and restore the
      previous version of the update . You can reject filesets individually
      or by fix pack. You can also preview the fileset rejection process
      before actually rejecting any filesets.

      NFS support
      You can now deploy fileset updates and program temporary fixes (PTFs)
      from an Network File System (NFS) share. The AIX Deployment Wizard
      recognizes NFS paths as the source location of these updates
      therefore allowing you to access the files remotely. Deploying
      updates from an NFS share shortens the installation time, decreases
      bandwidth usage, and reduces storage costs.

      AIX Deployment Health Check Dashboard
      You can use the AIX Deployment Health Check Dashboard to view a
      listing of all the filesets that are installed on an endpoint and the
      results of running preview deployments.

Actions to Take:
Gathering of the site will automatically show the updates made.

Published Site Version:
Patches for AIX Site, version 424

For more information about the new features, see the Patch Management for
AIX User's Guide.
Important Notes:

Application Engineering Team
IBM BigFix
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