[BESAdmin-Announcements] New version of Patches for ESXi site available

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Fri Jan 30 08:16:08 PST 2015

Content in the Patches for ESXi site has been modified.

Changes to Patches for ESXi  site:
	- Task 801 Deploy Management Extender for VMware vCenter
	- Task 827 VMware Upgrade vCenter Plugin

Published site version:
* Patches for ESXi , version 59.

Reasons for Update:
*Modified the ESXi discovery to include information related to the
services, e.g. SSH, Local Console, NTP etc. The infomation that is
collected for each service is
	- name of service,
	- label for service,
	- an indicator if the service is required.
	- the policy of the service
	- and an indicator if the service is running.

Actions to Take:
* Gathering of the site will automatically show the updates made.
* Use task 801 Deploy Mnaagement Extender for VMware vCenter to clean
install a management extender that will manage a vCenter or use task 827
VMware Upgrade vCenter Plugin to upgrade an existing VMware management
extender to retrieve this information.

Patches for ESXi Team
IBM Endpoint Manager

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