[BESAdmin-Announcements] Software Distribution 7.1 released

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Wed Jan 21 15:23:02 PST 2015

The IBM Software Distribution team is pleased to announce the release of 
Software Distribution 7.1.

New Features
Progress indicator for importing and exporting packages.
Ability to rename exported packages.
Ability to change an AMG's task deploy type without the need to delete it 
Additional options for DMG files.

Bug Fixes
Fixed actionscript issue where actionscript fails if compressed folder 
name contains certain characters.
Fixed actionscript issue where actionscript fails if log already exist.
Fixed actionscript issue where certain parameters might disappear when 
Fixlet is edited through the dashboard.
Fixed issue where Fixlets cannot be edited through the dashboard if the 
Fixlet's actionscript is marked as a default action.
Fixed issue with AMG targets for computer groups with certain characters 
in its name.
Fixed issue where exporting a package reports failure even though it 
actually succeeded.
Fixed issue where certain characters in SPB parameters will cause the 
deployment to fail.
Improved error messages when non-master operator tries to edit master 
operator's tasks.
Improved warning message for AMG tasks whose operator no longer exist.

Actions to Take
Users of Trusted Service Provider (TSP) will need to update this 
Fixlet 200: Upgrade Trusted Service Provider

Site Version
Software Distribution, site version 62

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