[BESAdmin-Announcements] [Announce] Tivoli Endpoint Manager Platform 8.1 and 8.2 End of Support

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Tue Apr 28 10:14:41 PDT 2015

We have added lot of features and enhancements in 9.x platform releases. We
would like you to note the announcement that were recently made regarding
the end of support for 8.1 and 8.2.  Customers using version 8.x of the
platform are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version as soon as
possible to continue receiving product support. Please note that in
addition to the many improvements in 9.x platform releases, many of our
latest application offerings use functionality that is not compatible with
8.x and older platform versions. Upgrading is the best way to take
advantage of all of the latest product  capabilities of Endpoint Manager.

Here are the list of key features you would get if you upgrade to 9.x.

64-bit server components: Windows Server Components (Server, Console, Web
Reports, FillDB, and BESAdmin) are now 64-bit Windows applications. This
improves performance for large IEM deployments

Expanded OS support: Debian 6, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Windows Server 2012, RHEL

Enhanced Security: Disable SHA-1 signatures in favor of SHA-256, Support
for TLS 1.2 and root certificate key strength increased from 1024 to 4096

Common Criteria security certification:  Increased server audit logging and
configurable attributes for Console and Web reports

New agent inspectors: SSID for WiFi inspector, SQLite inspectors, JSON
inspectors, SHA-2 inspectors, TCP/UDP port inspectors (supported on Windows
7+, Windows Server 2008+), Inspectors for tracking long Fixlet evaluation
times, SHA-2 inspectors

Granularity of Access Control: This allows NMO users to manage actions

Improved relay resiliency: Relay recoverability from errors and data
corruption has been added

Additional notes:
9.0 changelist
9.1 changelist
9.2 changelist
Manual upgrade instructions are available at:
Upgrade Fixlets for previous versions of IBM Endpoint Manager are available
at: http://support.bigfix.com/bes/install/beswindowsarchive.html
Version 8.1  of Tivoli Endpoint Manager effective end of support March 31st
2015. IBM official announce letter  914-182 (
Version  8.2 of Tivoli Endpoint Manager effective end of support April  30
th 2016. IBM official announce letter  915-114 (


    Ashwin Manekar
    Product Manager, Endpoint Manager and Mobility Solutions
    IBM, Emeryville, CA


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