[BESAdmin-Announcements] SCM Content UPDATE: CIS Unix Checklists

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Mon Apr 6 15:25:48 PDT 2015

IBM Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance

Security Configuration Management (SCM)

The Security and Compliance team at IBM has updated the content in the
following sites. See details below:

Updated Sites:
                   Site Name                 |    Site Version    
                                             |         2          
   CIS Checklist for AIX 7_1 RG03            |                    
   SCM Checklist for CIS on AIX 7_1 RG03     |         2          

            ·	CIS-4.12.15: fixed, now ignores ldap users
            ·	CIS-4.12.1: fixed, EXCLUDE parameter
            ·	CIS- fixed, to look at proper df field
            ·	CIS-3.1.15: added, VALUE parameter, user can change
               pwd_algorithm to check for
            ·	CIS- added, OTHER_USERS parameter, user can add
               space separated list of users and also allowed to own cron

*Site versions provided for air-gap customers.

We hope you find this latest release of SCM content useful and effective.
Thank you!

  -- The IBM Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance
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